A Visual, Step-By-Step Guide for Delicious Home Cooking

VizChef is more than your typical recipe app. Every dish, every ingredient, every piece of equipment, and every step is rendered in beautiful full-color photographs. No longer will you have to wonder what the author meant when they said “braise the short ribs”. With over 60 recipes, you’ll be able to create beautiful, tasty meals regardless of your level of experience in the kitchen. The app is designed for both the beginner and intermediate cooks with different levels of details for each.




  • Over 60 dishes
  • Over 900 high quality images with pinch to zoom so you can check out all of the detail
  • Over 200 ingredients with information about what to look for in the store
  • Over 100 pieces of equipment with suggestions on features worth having
  • No network connection required
  • Swipe, tap, or use your voice to move between steps
  • Two modes: Standard (with full details, no cooking terms) and Intermediate (fewer details, more cooking terms)
  • View quantities as decimals, fractions, or words

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