Welcome to VizChef! We're re-thinking the format of the entire recipe by creating all-visual cooking applications for tablets and mobile devices. The entire recipe will be shown in beautiful, full-color photographs. Every finished dish. Every ingredient. Every piece of equipment. And most importantly, every single step necessary to create the dish.
VizChef for iPad v1.0


  • Designed specifically for iPad
  • Over 60 great recipes
  • Over 1,000 pictures (of every dish, ingredient, piece of equipment, and step to make the dish)
  • 2 simultaneous, adjustable timers
  • Swipe to move steps
  • Pinch to zoom images
  • Standard & intermediate mode to adjust to your level of cooking experience
  • View quantities in decimals or fractions
  • System Requirements: iOS 4.3, no Internet required after installation
VizChef is more than your typical recipe app. Every dish, every ingredient, every piece of equipment, and every step is rendered in beautiful full-color photographs. No longer will you have to wonder what the author meant when they said “braise the short ribs”. With over 60 recipes to start, you’ll be able to create beautiful, tasty meals regardless of your experience in the kitchen. The app is designed for both the beginner and intermediate cooks with different levels of details for each.
Screen Shots
Making a Recipe Ingredient Details
VizChef Screenshot - Dish Step VizChef Screenshot - Ingredient Information
Timer Details Navigating Steps
VizChef Screenshot - Timers VizChef Screenshot - Jump to a different step

Searching Recipes Moving Between Steps
Switching Steps Using Timers