VizChef Slice

Have you ever had to slice a pie, but need 7 pieces not 8? Do you kids fight if they don’t each get the exact same size piece of pizza? Does everybody in the family like the brownies on the edge, but their aren’t enough edge pieces to go around? Do you need a fun way to teach people about geometry?? OK, maybe the last one is a bit of a stretch, but still, VizChef Slice is here to help.


The app uses the iPhone’s camera to let you see what your about to slice while providing you with lines to help guide you to the perfect cut. Let us help try to bring piece (get it? piece not peace) to your kitchen.

Unlike other apps on the app store, this app is completely configurable. You can even see the changes immediately right on the screen. Here are some of the things you can configure:

    • Shape: Circle, Oval, Square, Rectangle, and even Stars and plain old Shapes
    • Number of Slices: 1-100 in each direction
    • Direction: Horizontal, Vertical, Grid, Diagonal, Diagonal Grid, or Center
    • Color: A virtually unlimited number of colors (new in this version)

You can even choose whether you want the slices equal by distance or by area, and then use the handy zoom function so you don’t have to strain your arms to see the screen.

This is a universal app, so buy it once for one of your iOS devices and it will be available for free on all of your others.

Now Available on iTunes

iPhone Screenshots

iphoneshapesm iphonecolorsm iphoneslicessm iphonezoomsm

iPad Screenshots

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