VizChef Slice has been Approved by Apple

In what seems like a record approval time of 29 minutes from the beginning of the review to the final notification, VizChef slice is now available on the Apple app store:

Now Available on iTunes

VizChef Slice …Coming Soon

Ever have a pizza party for 7 kids and wonder how to cut the pizza so everyone’s happy? Does everybody in your family like the edge brownies more than the center? Well, soon there’s going to be “an app for that”.

The next app in the VizChef family is going to let you choose your shape (circle, oval, square, or rectangle), how many slices (1-100 per direction, so 10,000 possible slices…let’s just say we like edge cases), and what type of cut…(horizontal, vertical, center, grid, and in some cases, diagonal and diagonal grid). We even have an option for just a shape with 3-100 sides or a “perfect” star with 3-100 points.

What makes the app exciting is that you’ll be able to see your food through the camera and use the guides to line up your knife and make the perfect-sized cut every time!

The app is in final testing now and will be submitted to the app store shortly …more news with pictures very soon!

An Update to VizChef for iPad Is On It’s Way

You may have seen hints floating around the web, and they’re true. We just submitted the latest version of VizChef to Apple for their approval. We’ve added lots of great features and enhancements, plus we fixed a few bugs.

The biggest new feature is the most requested one since we launched. When the new version is available, you’ll be able to e-Mail the grocery list for a dish to anyone you want. You can even e-mail just the ingredients for one step or for all steps! Of course, you must be using e-mail on your iPad in order for this to work.

The most obvious new feature is a redesigned dish list (on the left side of this image) that incorporates a lot of the design elements that were already in the iPhone version.VizChef v1.1 Main Screen

We’ve also integrated Twitter directly into the app so you can share what your making with your friends and family. Of course, we didn’t stop there. Here’s a partial list of the enhancements and bug fixes in this version:


– Enhanced dish information display
– View ingredients and equipment in a grid or a list when making a dish
– Adjust the size of the equipment display when making a dish (so you can see more ingredients at once)
– More space for ingredients and equipment when making a dish
– Timers can now be adjusted while they are paused
– Can now pan the main dish image

Bug Fixes:

– Double tapping the dish image consistently takes you to the right dish
– You can now actually select decimal or fraction in settings, oops
– Attempting to cancel timer 2 doesn’t cancel timer 1 instead
– Back buttons now always appear in the upper left corner
– Auto-Lock selection now works more consistently
– Missing images were added
– Button labels
– Interface tweaks
– Misc bug fixes

NOTE: This update includes no new recipes and does require iOS 5. We’re expecting to make a big release in late January or early February with all kinds of cool new features. Several that are unlike any of the other “competitive” apps.

VizChef Interview with IMI TechTalk Radio

On June 11, 2011, VizChef founder Tom Crawford was interviewed by Tom D’Auria on IMI TechTalk Radio which is “educating the masses one byte at a time”.  During the almost 30 minutes, Tom & Tom cover common recipe problems, eating local, current & future kitchen technology, and, of course, the app.

Check it out here:

Stream or

Food Photography

As you can probably tell from the screenshots and videos, food photography is an important part of the VizChef app family. We were very lucky to have access to an amazing local photographer, Jenny Wolff-Harrison who had exactly the style we wanted.

However, food photography is starting to taking on a life of its own as evidenced by a recent Mashable post by Todd Wasserman. Here’s the infographic from the article (and, of course, we love that a picture was used to explain food pictures):

Food Trends - Mashable Infographic

In upcoming versions of VizChef for iPad and for VizChef Lite for iPhone, we’ll be adding features to support this trend.  Stay tuned for details.  Many thanks to our friend Jordan Skole for pointing this article out!

VizChef on TechSmith’s The Forge

Yesterday, we had the privilege to be featured on The Forge which is a screencast by TechSmith, an awesome company that is the leader in screen and video capture. At VizChef, we use SnagIt to capture screenshots for all of our presentations, and Camtasia to record all of our “How To” videos on our FAQ page.

The interview covers everything from visual communication to user interface design, plus a look at VizChef for iPad. There were shout outs to amazing visual thinkers like Karl Gude, Nancy Duarte, Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo, and, of course, VizThink…a community of visual thinkers.

Many thanks to our host and interviewer Matt Pierce, and the always amazing Betsy Weber for the invitation. The interview starts at the 2:09 mark and runs for a little over 13 minutes. However, stick around past the fade to black for a special impromptu tag. There’s also a fun ending between Betsy & Matt so stick around to the end to catch that. Click the image below to jump to the page:

TechSmith Interview

Many thanks to our friends at TechSmith for a great interview and an inspirational afternoon!

Another great review for VizChef for iPad

We’re so happy about the many great reviews we’ve been getting, and today is no exception. Blogger Jae Vin just gave VizChef for iPad a glowing review saying things like “wonderful”, “intuitive”, “easy-to-use”, “you don’t have to worry”, and maybe our favorite “a great recipe app for the cooking enthusiasts”. It even made the blog’s “App of the Day”!

Thanks Jae Vin! Be sure to check out the blog for more great reviews of mobile apps!

VizChef for iPhone & iPod Touch Available Now on iTunes App Store

You asked for it and now it’s here! VizChef, new all-visual way of looking at cooking and recipes, is now available for the iPhone & iPod Touch. The interface was completely redesigned for the device. New interactions and a new flow, but all the same great recipes and images. Over 60 recipes with hundreds of full-color photos that shows every dish, every ingredient, every piece of equipment and every single step necessary to make an amazing dish.

With two levels, standard and intermediate, the app adjusts to your level of experience. No more wondering what you’re supposed to do. VizChef shows you how to do it.

Don’t have an iPhone? VizChef is also available as a gift!

Download or gift VizChef now!

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