About VizChef

At VizChef, we care about food…good food. Homemade. From scratch, mostly. With fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. We’re passionate about learning, especially when combined with visualization and information design. Getting you the right information, as you need it, when and where you need it. We also love technology. A lot.

The VizChef apps live at the intersection of food, learning, information design, and technology. We believe that the recipe as we know it has fundamental design flaws that cause you, the home cook, to make mistakes in the kitchen.  However, the good news is that good design can help reduce or eliminate those mistakes. Tablet devices are ideally suited for use in the kitchen.  They take up little of the very precious counter space, have no keyboards, and can even be mounted under cabinets. They have large colorful screens that make it easy to include numerous (even unlimited) pictures and videos available right when you need them (not in some reference materials in another section of the app or website, if they exist at all).

In the VizChef for iPad & iPhone apps, you’ll see every ingredient, every piece of equipment, every finished dish, and, maybe most importantly, every single step on how to make a dish successfully in full-color, beautiful images served up just when you need them and not cluttered with other information.

We hope you enjoy using the apps!  We’re looking forward to adding many great features that you’ve been requesting.