VizChef Slice …Coming Soon

Ever have a pizza party for 7 kids and wonder how to cut the pizza so everyone’s happy? Does everybody in your family like the edge brownies more than the center? Well, soon there’s going to be “an app for that”.

The next app in the VizChef family is going to let you choose your shape (circle, oval, square, or rectangle), how many slices (1-100 per direction, so 10,000 possible slices…let’s just say we like edge cases), and what type of cut…(horizontal, vertical, center, grid, and in some cases, diagonal and diagonal grid). We even have an option for just a shape with 3-100 sides or a “perfect” star with 3-100 points.

What makes the app exciting is that you’ll be able to see your food through the camera and use the guides to line up your knife and make the perfect-sized cut every time!

The app is in final testing now and will be submitted to the app store shortly …more news with pictures very soon!