An Update to VizChef for iPad Is On It’s Way

You may have seen hints floating around the web, and they’re true. We just submitted the latest version of VizChef to Apple for their approval. We’ve added lots of great features and enhancements, plus we fixed a few bugs.

The biggest new feature is the most requested one since we launched. When the new version is available, you’ll be able to e-Mail the grocery list for a dish to anyone you want. You can even e-mail just the ingredients for one step or for all steps! Of course, you must be using e-mail on your iPad in order for this to work.

The most obvious new feature is a redesigned dish list (on the left side of this image) that incorporates a lot of the design elements that were already in the iPhone version.VizChef v1.1 Main Screen

We’ve also integrated Twitter directly into the app so you can share what your making with your friends and family. Of course, we didn’t stop there. Here’s a partial list of the enhancements and bug fixes in this version:


– Enhanced dish information display
– View ingredients and equipment in a grid or a list when making a dish
– Adjust the size of the equipment display when making a dish (so you can see more ingredients at once)
– More space for ingredients and equipment when making a dish
– Timers can now be adjusted while they are paused
– Can now pan the main dish image

Bug Fixes:

– Double tapping the dish image consistently takes you to the right dish
– You can now actually select decimal or fraction in settings, oops
– Attempting to cancel timer 2 doesn’t cancel timer 1 instead
– Back buttons now always appear in the upper left corner
– Auto-Lock selection now works more consistently
– Missing images were added
– Button labels
– Interface tweaks
– Misc bug fixes

NOTE: This update includes no new recipes and does require iOS 5. We’re expecting to make a big release in late January or early February with all kinds of cool new features. Several that are unlike any of the other “competitive” apps.