Welcome to VizChef! We're re-thinking the format of the entire recipe by creating all-visual cooking applications for tablets and mobile devices. The entire recipe will be shown in beautiful, full-color photographs. Every finished dish. Every ingredient. Every piece of equipment. And most importantly, every single step necessary to create the dish.

Food Photography

As you can probably tell from the screenshots and videos, food photography is an important part of the VizChef app family. We were very lucky to have access to an amazing local photographer, Jenny Wolff-Harrison who had exactly the style we wanted.

However, food photography is starting to taking on a life of its own as evidenced by a recent Mashable post by Todd Wasserman. Here’s the infographic from the article (and, of course, we love that a picture was used to explain food pictures):

Food Trends - Mashable Infographic

In upcoming versions of VizChef for iPad and for VizChef Lite for iPhone, we’ll be adding features to support this trend.  Stay tuned for details.  Many thanks to our friend Jordan Skole for pointing this article out!

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