Welcome to VizChef! We're re-thinking the format of the entire recipe by creating all-visual cooking applications for tablets and mobile devices. The entire recipe will be shown in beautiful, full-color photographs. Every finished dish. Every ingredient. Every piece of equipment. And most importantly, every single step necessary to create the dish.

VizChef is a Proud Sponsor of TEDxUofM

TEDxUofM Logo

The TED Conference brings together some amazing speakers every year who share their ideas on how to change the world.  TEDx are the locally-organized events.  VizChef is a proud sponsor of the upcoming TEDxUofM event happening today at the Michigan Theater near the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Today 1,700 people will gather to hear amazing speakers share their crazy ideas from across a wide variety of disciplines.  Just a little over a year ago, VizChef started as a crazy idea too!  What if we rethought the design of the recipe? What if we took thousands of photos and used that to teach people how to cook? That was our crazy idea.  And now we have two apps and several more in the pipeline.  We’re proud to be involved for our second year helping the speakers share their crazy ideas.

What’s your crazy idea?

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