The Rumors Are True: VizChef for iPhone is Coming Soon!

You requested it and it’s almost here. VizChef for iPhone and iPod Touch are coming very, very soon. Final coding is complete and it goes to the beta testers in just a few hours.  Some people said it couldn’t be done.  How could all that content and all of those amazing photos work on an iPhone?  Well, it wasn’t easy, but we think we’ve done it!

Version 1.0 will have 61 amazing recipes, each one rendered with full color photos of every dish, every ingredient, every piece of equipment, and every single step required to make the dish.  Almost 1,900 photos in total (and no Internet connection necessary after you download it).

What features will it have?  Stay tuned over the next couple days for a complete listing.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll also be announcing an update to VizChef for iPad with some cool new features, plus we’re working on the design for two more cooking related apps that will change the way you think about ingredients in the kitchen!  There’s lots more exciting stuff coming from VizChef!