It’s The Recipe’s Fault – Boiled and Mashed

Cooking is fun. Finding new ways to use ingredients or, better yet, leftovers can be invigorating. Deep fried macaroni and cheese sticks? Tasty. Chili from left over beef roast? Mouth watering. Potato cakes from left over mashed potatoes? Delicious. In fact, many recipes and cookbooks try to bring new life and excitement to leftovers. Knowing that causes a problem in this example:

It's The Recipe's Fault - Boiled and Mashed

Is the recipe calling for mashed potatoes (which typically have milk, salt, pepper, butter, and other things)? Or is it calling for potatoes that were simply boiled and mashed? Not sure. Because it’s part of the ingredient list rather than with the other process steps, it’s shortened too much to know. Worse yet, because the ingredient preparation (know in cooking school as mise en place) isn’t included in the time needed to make the dish, it takes another 15-20 minutes to make the dish than the description indicates. That much time can not only cause the dish to go wrong, but may throw off the timing of an entire meal.