Welcome to VizChef! We're re-thinking the format of the entire recipe by creating all-visual cooking applications for tablets and mobile devices. The entire recipe will be shown in beautiful, full-color photographs. Every finished dish. Every ingredient. Every piece of equipment. And most importantly, every single step necessary to create the dish.

The Rumors Are True: VizChef for iPhone is Coming Soon!


You requested it and it’s almost here. VizChef for iPhone and iPod Touch are coming very, very soon. Final coding is complete and it goes to the beta testers in just a few hours. Some people said it couldn’t be done. How could all that content and all of those amazing photos work on an [...]

It’s The Recipe’s Fault – Boiled and Mashed

It's The Recipe's Fault - Boiled and Mashed

Cooking is fun. Finding new ways to use ingredients or, better yet, leftovers can be invigorating. Deep fried macaroni and cheese sticks? Tasty. Chili from left over beef roast? Mouth watering. Potato cakes from left over mashed potatoes? Delicious. In fact, many recipes and cookbooks try to bring new life and excitement to leftovers. Knowing [...]

iPad 2 Released

Did you just get your iPad 2 and you’re looking for great apps? VizChef will help you show off your new iPad in style.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones, but you know somebody who was, did you know that Apple has a way to send an app as a gift to someone? [...]

It's The Recipe's Fault - Divided

It's The Recipe's Fault - Divided

Ingredient lists were a huge and important innovation to the recipe format in the early-to-mid 1800′s. They solved the problem of ingredients buried in the middle of paragraph descriptions, making shopping and preparation easier and more efficient. In some recipe’s though, that goes too far. Pies are a frequent example since they often have two [...]

It’s The Recipe’s Fault – Compound Steps

This mistake started about 3,600 years ago with the first recipe the experts have found. It was written in paragraph form. That makes for easy reading, for sure, but it also makes it easy to lose your place. Have you ever stepped away from the recipe to take care of something on the stove, then [...]

It’s The Recipe’s Fault – Dredge

So what were recipes designed for in the first place? Well, best we can tell, it seems they were designed for a chef to remember how they made something. Later, the format became a great way for one chef to tell another chef (maybe an apprentice) how to make a dish. It wasn’t until the [...]

It’s The Recipe’s Fault – Ignite Ann Arbor

If you’ve liked our It’s The Recipe’s Fault series of posts, this quick 5 minute video gives an overview of the story. It was recorded on February 9, 2011 at Ignite Ann Arbor. Ignite is a fun, fast moving format with 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. Check out the video and let [...]

Now Available in the iTunes Store!

It’s true! VizChef is now available in the iTunes store!