Sneak Preview

The app is off to Apple for approval. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks (sometimes) for approval. In the meantime, we thought you might enjoy a sneak preview of some of the key screens in the app. When the app starts, you can begin to explore the over 60 available recipes by browsing or by search (dish name or keyword). For each dish you can get a preview of all of the ingredients needed as well as an overview of the steps required to make the dish:

VizChef Main Screen - Dish Selection

Once you’ve picked a dish you want to make, double click on the dish list, photo or steps and you’ll switch to cooking mode where each step is visualized including all of the ingredients, equipment and steps. You can either see all ingredients at once or only the ingredients that are first used in the step.  The same is true. with the equipment. You can even pinch to zoom in/out of the photos to see more detail. Moving between steps is easy too: just swipe the photo to move forward or back, or tap the forward/back arrows:

VizChef Screenshot - Dish Step

Unfamiliar with an ingredient? Need to know more about how to select the best ingredients? Just click on the ingredient and more details will pop up. If you’re in cooking mode, it will even provide conversions (e.g. pints to cups), where available:

VizChef Screenshot - Ingredient Information

Want to skip ahead to check out other steps? Just tap the step numbers and the full list appears. Jump forward or back to wherever you want to go:

VizChef Screenshot - Jump to a different step

Obviously, time is an important part of cooking. Not only does every dish list the preparation, cooking, and total times, but every step does as well. You can even have two timers going at once from the dish or the steps. The timers are fully adjustable.

VizChef Screenshot - Timers

We hope you liked this sneak preview. Shortly, we’re going to release a few videos as well so you can see the app in action.