It’s The Recipe’s Fault – Imbedded Process Steps

From an information design standpoint, this may be one of the recipe’s biggest flaws (though it has many). Things you need to do to ingredients (chopping, dicing, slicing, shredding, boiling, pulling, mashing, etc) are placed nowhere near the rest of the things you need to do (the process) for the rest of the recipe.

It's The Recipe's Fault - Imbedded Process

Really, the list of ingredients (and quantities) is so that you can make sure you have everything you need and if you don’t have it to make it easy to make a shopping list. What you’re going to do with the ingredients is, to a large extent, irrelevant at this stage. One could argue that knowing what you’re going to do with them helps with substitutions (i.e. I don’t have whole tomatoes, but I do have diced tomatoes and I’m going to dice them anyway, so I’m all set). However, if that’s true, then everything you need to do with the ingredient should be included with the ingredient rather than just the first preparation step.

In the VizChef app, we combine all of the things you need to do into one place. All of the preparation steps are detailed out with pictures for every step. Also, we show you exactly what new ingredients you’re going to need for that step. No confusion about what you need, when you need it, or what you’re going to do with it.